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Google My Business Review Hawkins Driver Educatio

Tomi was punctual and professional and our son felt very comfortable driving with her. Would recommend her to anyone. I also really appreciated the time she took with me on the phone to explain how everything worked. She’s obviously very experienced in teaching. Thank you, Tomi!

Darcie H.

Tomi was calm, professional, and very nice throughout my entire driving experience. She adapts to every student, and for me, she helped me with my first time behind the wheel, a rarity for her students. I liked that it was a one-on-one experience. Throughout my 3 lessons, she was calm, professional, and never faltered. Amazing job!

Nate M.


Hawkins Driver Education is very professional and every graduated student I have talked to who has taken the course gave Tomi awesome credit for her student education/driving instructor skills. Even the conversations over the many years I have known Tomi the parents comments were nothing short of excellent. I know, I sent both my kids through the school and they are the best drivers bar none due to Tomi's extensive knowledge of driver education and the skillful transfer of that knowledge to my kids. Top notch!

Marek H.

Tomi has been such an incredible driver's ed instructor for my children! She is kind and patient but also really cares about putting safe drivers on the roads. She has a positive, friendly demeanor and helps students feel comfortable behind the wheel. She is also flexible and works with parents to get the necessary driving times scheduled at times that are convenient. Thanks, Tomi! Hawkins Driver's Ed is the way to go!

Julianne R.

I have had both of my kids go through Hawkins for drivers ed. Both are in their 20s now and still talk about how much they loved Tomi. She was always there when she said she would be and even went out of her way to meet us when time constraints were tight. Only good things to say about this company.

Lori S.

Our experience with Tomi has been wonderful. She’s been kind and has answered all our questions professionally and thoroughly.  My son has also mentioned how thorough and amazing his lessons have been and often corrects us with flaws in our driving based off of what he learned from Hawkins. We highly recommend her and have two more kids getting close that will be attending as well.

Jenn R.

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