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Let us help you navigate your way to your license

Step by Step

Due to a staffing shortage for the month of May, we aresuspending enrollment for new students until June 5, 2024.  Please call 208-362-8026 for questions.

Before enrolling in our summer program, please consider that it will

be about 3-4 weeks out on the drive calendar for scheduling once the course is finished.

Welcome to Hawkins Driver Education

Serving Boise & the Treasure Valley for 20 years.

At the heart of everything we do is our commitment to our students' safety.


Hawkins Driver Education, LLC, offers a top-notch program which emphasizes defensive driving practices to encourage teens to adopt safe driving attitudes.  Our comprehensive approach focuses on developing a broad range of knowledge, skills, attitudes and risk factors to fully prepare students for the many demanding situations they will face on today’s congested roads.

How It Works





Let's Get Started!


Step One:

Purchase Your Permit
Must be done before starting the online course.

You must ensure you have all of the following items to purchase your teen's permit:

  • Certified Birth Certificate

  • Social Security Card

  • Photo ID (passport, school ID, etc.)

  • VOC (Verfication of Compliace) letter from teen's public/private school.

  • Teen must be accompanied by parent and or/legal guardian

  • Teen must be at least 14 1/2 yrs old.

Video Anchor

Before enrolling in our summer program, please consider that it will be about 3-4 weeks out on the drive calendar once the course has been completed.


Now you can get your online classroom and behind-the-wheel sessions all in one convenient package for $585

We've partnered with Pass Drivers Ed, an Idaho approved online course, a state-of-the-art, interactive fun way to learning drivers ed. We have developed our own online course using our classroom content and expertise to deliver you the same information you will find in a physical classroom.



Step Three:


Six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction once your teen has completed the online course. Call or email us to schedule drives. We meet at the Fort Boise Community Center parking lot.

Your teen is required by state law to complete a minimum of 6 hours observing a parent or guardian driving.  A good time to start this is while they are working through their course.


The observation hours will need to be completed before the first scheduled drive.   Please click below to print off the form.

Step Four:

The Graduated

Driver License Program


Now you will start the supervised driving portion of the Graduated Driver Licensing program.  Your teen will need to drive the minimum 6 months driving with a supervised driver (parent or anyone 21 and older with a valid license).  During the  6 months, 50 hours is required with 10 of those being night time driving. To learn about all the requirements/restrictions under the GDL Law and the licensing stage, click below.


Providing the Highest-Quality Professional Driver's Instruction

in Boise and the Treasure Valley for over 17 years

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